Flu Mist and Big Kid Flu Shot Clinics

Chapel Hill Pediatrics has Flu Mist (for patient’s ages 2 and up who are generally healthy) and Flu Shot (for patient’s ages 3 and up) available.
To schedule an appointment for a flu clinic please log in to your child’s patient portal account and click on the option to Request an Appointment.
At this time we do not have state provided flu vaccine for patient’s 3years old and up.  We also do not have the flu shot available for our patient’s under 36months old.  Please continue to check back on our website which will be updated regularly when all of our supply comes in.

The following Flu Clinics are now open for Flu Mist and big kid Flu Shot appointments:

Tuesday, Sept. 10th – 2-4pm (Chapel Hill)
Wednesday, Sept. 11th – 9-11:30am (Chapel Hill)
Wednesday, Sept. 11th – 2-4:30pm (Durham)
Friday, Sept. 13th – 9-12pm (Chapel Hill)
Friday, Sept 13th – 2-4pm (Chapel Hill)
Wednesday, Sept. 18th – 9-11:30am (Chapel Hill)
Wednesday, Sept. 18th – 1:30-4:30pm (Durham)
Saturday, Sept. 21st – 9-12pm (Chapel Hill)
Monday, Sept 23rd – 1:30-4pm (Durham)
Tuesday, Sept 24th – 9-11:30am (Chapel Hill)
Tuesday, Sept. 24th – 1:30-4:30pm (Chapel Hill)
Saturday, Sept 28th – 9-12pm (Chapel Hill)