Dr. Homan Leaving in July

Dr. Homan will be leaving Chapel Hill Pediatrics this coming July. We have sent out letters to his patients, but know he helped care for many babies, children, and adolescents, even if he was not their primary doctor. We are sad to see him go, but know it is a great opportunity for the Homan family. The full text of the letter is below for you to read.

Dear families of Chapel Hill Pediatrics,

Thank you for the privilege of trusting me to care for your children over the past five years. I have grown as a person and a physician because of you all

As of July 12th, 2018, I will be leaving Chapel Hill Pediatrics. My wife has an academic opportunity at Florida State University that we need to pursue (at least we are staying in the ACC). My family is sad to be leaving the wonderful people, schools, and culture of the Durham-Chapel Hill area.

Chapel Hill Pediatrics is in the process of hiring another excellent pediatrician to replace me. If I am currently the primary care provider for your child, he or she will automatically be assigned to this new pediatrician. You can also request (as always) to see another pediatrician of your choice who has an open panel (currently only Dr. Scot Woodrum is closed to new patients).

I would love to see my patients one more time before I leave to say good-bye! If you would like to schedule an annual exam before I leave, please schedule the appointment well in advance so that we an accommodate everyone.

Thank you again and I will miss you all,

Russell Homan, MD, IBCLC