Thursday, February 18th

Our Chapel Hill office will be open today starting at 10am. The Durham office is closed due to the weather. We can still be reached via the phone lines starting at 7:15am. Bundle up and Stay Warm!

No After Hours on Weekdays

Starting this evening, we will no longer offer after hour appointments. Our office will close at 5pm on weekdays. We will still offer appointments on the Saturday and Sunday from 9am-2pm. We are still not currently accepting walk-in appointments. Thank you for your understanding as we go through this challenging time.

Chapel Hill Pediatrics Preparations for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Chapel Hill Pediatrics is aware that there is heightened concern for the potential spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus within the United States. To date, there are no known cases of the disease in North Carolina. We are closely monitoring the health alerts and following the infection surveillance and prevention recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Continue to practice good hand washing routines and return to our website and Facebook for updates regarding this infection.

Links to local Health Departments

Orange County:

Durham County:

Chatham County:

Flu Season

Its a given that we ALL want to stay healthy and not come down with flu or other respiratory viruses. But what is the best way to prevent illness? Does wearing a mask actually help?

Surgical masks are physical barriers that can offer “some protection” against a visible splash or spray of fluid or large droplets.

You may notice that our office does provide surgical masks to wear in our waiting room IF your child is actively sneezing or coughing which cause spread of illness through respiratory secretions. Transmission of respiratory viruses can occur through direct and indirect contact with infectious respiratory secretions, such as by hands that touch surfaces and then deliver the germs to the eyes, nose or mouth. So hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is still the NUMBER ONE way of preventing spread of disease. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol- based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Should a person with no symptoms wear a mask? Currently the CDC does NOT recommend that people who are well wear a mask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases including COVID-19 (coronavirus). So we recommend that a well parent or sibling not wear one of the provided masks when accompanying your child to our office. Instead, have your child (if possible) wear a mask in the waiting room if they are actively sneezing or coughing which then in turn will protect others. If they are unable to wear the mask, use tissues to have then sneeze or cough into and then dispose in nearest trash can. And remember, masks are single use and can come off in the exam rooms.

We are all wishing for an end to this flu season, keep washing those hands!

Inclement Weather

❄️ Due to possible inclement weather, we will not have urgent care appointments after 5pm today, Thursday Feb 20th. Both our Chapel Hill and Durham offices will also have a delayed opening tomorrow, Friday Feb 21st. starting at 10am. Please stay safe! ❄️

September 7th Closure for Staff Meeting

On Thursday, September 7th, all three of our offices will be closed midday for a meeting. The meeting will be from 11:45 am until 2:00 pm and we will not be available by phone during that time. Our Chapel Hill office will reopen at 2:00 pm while our Durham and Hillsborough offices will reopen closer to 2:30 pm. Please call our office outside of that window or seek emergency medical assistance if needed.

New Vaccine Requirement

Are your child’s vaccines up to date for 7th grade entry??

Per NC State Law, students entering 7th grade should be up to date with all the required vaccines for kindergarten entry. In addition, all students entering 7th grade or who have reached 12 years of age on or after July 1, 2015 are required to have one dose of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) vaccine and one dose of meningococcal vaccine.

Note: HPV, Hepatitis A, and a second dose of Varicella are not required but are recommended for this age group by the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices).

You may call our office to schedule a nurse visit, or have your child receive these vaccines during their scheduled well child exam this summer.