Lactation Support and Services

baby breastfeeding

Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents will partner with you to meet your breastfeeding goals.  Many of our pediatricians will help you directly with breastfeeding problems (one is a certified lactation consultant), and ALL of our pediatricians encourage breastfeeding and work closely with local lactation consultants who are readily available.

Drs. Russell Homan, Sandra Hosford, and Kathy Merritt are all able to observe breastfeeding and help with any nursing difficulties.  You are welcome to schedule a breastfeeding appointment with any of these pediatricians (as their schedules permit), regardless of who is your primary pediatrician.  Dr. Homan is a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and is also available to treat mothers for breastfeeding related problems, such as mastitis, fungal yeast infections, and supply problems.  Nursing mothers who may have nipple damage or a breast/nipple infection that may need treatment should schedule an appointment with Dr. Homan for themselves and the infant.  He is also able to evaluate for tongue-ties (including “posterior tongue-ties”) and surgically treat these if necessary.

When should you see a provider for breastfeeding problems?

  • Nipple pain persisting 30 seconds beyond latching (constant pain is not normal)
  • Damaged or cracked nipples
  • Baby biting or frequently pulling-off
  • Concerns about supply or weight gain
  • Persistent red, warm, or tender areas of the breast (if fever or chills are present this should be evaluated the same day by Dr. Homan or an adult medical provider)

We also recommending speaking to one of our advice nurses if your adult physician has prescribed you a medication and has told you not to breastfeed while on the medication. Often it is still safe to nurse.