Chapel Hill Pediatrics and Adolescents strives to offer the best in pediatric care in the NC Research Triangle. Here are some of the things patients have to say about our pediatric centers.


“Kids are kind of important, aren’t they? As the mother of ‘three under three’ I won’t pretend mine are always angels, but if there’s the slightest thing wrong with them, I want to know they’re in the best possible hands.

“We recently transferred our brood to Chapel Hill Peds and so far I’m very impressed with the level of care, concern and service. Here are a few highlights:

  • Smart and courteous people on the phones and reception (special shout-out to Adam who patiently enrolled us over the phone)
  • Special parking for pregnant and new mums, and a separate newborn waiting room to keep the littlest ones away from incoming germs
  • Polite, competent and caring nursing staff (so far my favorite is Charley – we’ve been to the docs 3 times now and there’s nothing she won’t do to help)
  • Fun and knowledgeable doctors who tolerate my laundry list of questions ranging from sensible to paranoid ridiculous

“Hopefully we won’t have to go there too often, but when we do, I’m very comfortable with the environment and the good peeps at Chapel Hill Peds.”

– Leela S.