DUKE MEDICINE Flu Vaccine Study

Duke Medicine

Fever reducer and flu vaccine study

Children may be eligible to participate in a research study evaluating the effects of fever reducing medicines on fever and protection from the flu following the routine flu shot.

Qualifying participants receive:

  • Compensation for time and travel for completed visits

Your child may be eligible for this study if he/she:

  • Is healthy (may have a history of fever associated seizures)
  • 6 through 47 months of age
  • Receiving the flu shot

What is involved:

  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) medication or placebo or ibuprofen medication during the 24 hours after flu vaccine
  • Recording temperatures and symptoms the day of and the day following flu vaccine
  • 2 study visits with blood draws and one phone call visit

NOTE: The nasal flu vaccine is now the preferred flu vaccine for healthy children 2-8 years of age.

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