Flu Vaccine Update


Dr. Kathy Merritt says, ” Bummer that pharmaceutical companies are not able to keep up with production of suitable influenza mist. They are trying AND we are not confident that mist will be available in time to protect children we deeply care about. BOTTOM LINE… yes flu shot hurts a bit BUT it hurts LESS than the misery of fever, chills, cough, and body aches of influenza. I encourage ALL to get the shot NOW instead of waiting… prevention benefits everyone!”

Dr. Chris Morton says, “There is a national shortage of FluMist, the nasal spray form of influenza vaccine. We do not know when we will be getting more of this vaccine and how many doses we will be getting. We are recommending to get your influenza vaccines as soon as possible and NOT to wait on the FluMist. The influenza season can start as early as November, and it takes about 3-4 weeks to develop a protective response after getting a vaccine. Please come to get the injectable vaccine – it is just as effective as FluMist.”

Please call our office to check on flu shot and flu mist availability and to schedule an appointment for your children!